Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
under the patronage of Saint John Henry Newman


26th June 2022 – Second Sunday after Trinity

Services this week:

Tuesday 28th, 10a.m., GainfordS. Irenæus

Wednesday 29th, 10a.m., Gainford – Ss. Peter & Paul

Wednesday 29th, 12noon, Barnard Castle – Ss. Peter & Paul

Wednesday 29th, 7pm, Gainford (Ordinariate) – Ss. Peter & Paul

Thursday 30th, 10a.m., Barnard Castle – First Martyrs of the Church of Rome

Friday 1st, 12noon, Gainford (Ordinariate) – S. Oliver Plunkett (preceded by Sext at 11.45)

Friday 1st, 6p.m., Barnard Castle – Holy Hour

Next Sunday – 11.30a.m. – Third Sunday after Trinity – with Ordinary’s visitation


Fr. Thomas is available for confession, after most Masses, by appointment or at Barnard Castle on:

Mondays 5.30-6pm;

Thursdays 5.30-6pm;

Saturday 10-11am

Prayer List:

Of your charity please pray for all the sick, especially: Lacey Gill, Morag, Ethel, George Gwilliam, Andrew Gwilliam, Fay Jackson, Sharon & Dennis Walburn, Elaine Robertson, and Barbara Ugoletti.

As also for all the faithful departed, particularly the recently departed, among whom, Assunta Ugoletti, as well as those whose years-mind falls at this time: Geoffrey Start, Wilhelmina Bowman, Ruth Evans, Eric Coates, and Eric Gerrard. Requiescant in pace.

Second Collection:

There is a second collection today for Peter’s Pence, this supports the Holy Father’s apostolic and charitable works.

Ss. Peter & Paul – Holy Day of Obligation:

Wednesday 29th June is a holy day of obligation, and therefore all Catholics who are able to do so should attend Mass. There will be parish Masses at Gainford (10am) and Barnard Castle (12noon), and an Ordinariate Mass at Gainford (7pm).


Carl’s ordination to the Diaconate will take place at S. Joseph, Hartlepool, on Saturday 2 July at 11am. All are warmly invited, but as the event is ticketed please sign the list outside the parish room to ensure that you’re on the right list. As Fr. Thomas will be at the Ordination, there will be no confessions at Barnard Castle on Saturday morning.

Ordinary’s Visitation:

The Ordinary will be traveling up for Carl’s Ordination and will combine this with his visitation to us. He will celebrate and preach at Mass on Sunday 3 July; and we will have a bring-and-share lunch after to give chance to chat with Msgr. Newton, and to celebrate Carl’s deaconing.

This Wednesday’s feast celebrates two of our greatest leaders: Saint Peter and Saint Paul. They share a feast day as ancient tradition says that they were both martyred in Rome on the same day. This has bound them together in our memories; but what we know of them is that they were rather different characters.

Saint Peter was a fisherman, and he was called by Christ and can easily been seen as part of Christ’s innermost circle of followers throughout the Gospels. He speaks often, sometimes he speaks well sometimes he really gets the wrong end of the stick. He is present at the critical moments, though famously denying any relationship with Christ. Christ states that he is the ‘rock’ (which is what the name Peter means) on which He will build the Church. In the Acts of the Apostles we see readily his leadership over the Church – preaching on Pentecost, being the first to admit gentiles to Baptism. He also wrote two of the books of the New Testament, sending out his teaching to the whole Christian world. The title of his successors as leader of the Church – Pope – derives from ‘papa’ meaning ‘father’. Saint Peter and those who followed him down to Pope Francis today, govern the Church in the same loving and caring way that a father governs a family.

Saint Paul never met with Christ during his earthly ministry. We know that he was highly educated and a Roman citizen (certainly of higher social standing than S. Peter); some thinkers have suggested that there are allusions to Plato and Aristotle in his writings, certainly we can expect that he was familiar with these great classics. Fearsomely loyal, first to the understanding of Judaism in which he had been raised, we first meet him when he supports the martyrdom of S. Stephen, and continues to persecute the Church. He then had his famous meeting with Christ on the road to Damascus, and retained that strong loyalty, but now owed it to Christ. He became our greatest evangelist, and by his writings (most of the New Testament) he was used by God to provide a large part of the Christian revelation.

These two men, above all, were united in their love and service of Christ. We give thanks for them, and we ask for their prayers to continue to support the Church.

St. Osmund’s, Gainford, Co. Durham, DL2 3DZ

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