Father Thomas's Newsletter

Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

Darlington Mission


17th October 2021 – Twentieth Sunday after Trinity (29p.a.)

Group Pastor – Fr. Thomas Mason – fr.thomas.mason@gmail.com – 01833 631457

Web: https://www.ordinariate-darlington.co.uk

Facebook: https://tinyurl.com/OrdinariateDarlington

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gainford2021

Before Mass today, our new altar cards will be blessed in a short ceremony.

Services this week:

Sunday 17th, 5.30p.m., Barnard Castle – October Devotions (Rosary & Benediction)

Tuesday 19th, 10a.m., Gainford – S. Paul of the Cross

Thursday 21st, 10a.m., Barnard Castle – Votive

Friday 22nd, 12noon, Gainford (Ordinariate – Divine Worship) – S. John Paul II, Pope

Friday 22nd, 6-7p.m., Barnard Castle – Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament


Prayer List:

Of your charity please pray for all the sick, especially: Lacey Gill, Morag, George Gwilliam, Andrew Gwilliam, Fay Jackson, Sharon & Dennis Walburn and Elaine Robertson.


And also for all the faithful departed, especially those whose year’s mind falls at this time: Richard Brown. Requiescat in peace.



At Barnard Castle:

Mondays and Thursdays 5.30-6pm; Saturdays 10-11am

Also after most Masses and by appointment


Welcome Home Dr. Nazir-Ali

News has recently been made public that Michael Nazir-Ali was received into the Catholic Church on his patronal feast, Michaelmass. Dr. Nazir-Ali was born and raised in Pakistan and following exposure to Christianity as a youth he formally embraced Anglicanism aged 20. He became the youngest Anglican Bishop back in 1984; however as his life was threatened he had to leave Pakistan and come to England. Appointed as Anglican Bishop of Rochester in 1994 where he was outspoken on a number of issues often ignored in the contemporary Church of England. He resigned from the Diocese of Rochester in 2009 and has been teaching in Oxford. Interestingly he is not a classic Anglo-Catholic and indeed has been more identified with the Evangelical wing of the Church of England. No doubt S. John Fisher, a predecessor as Bishop of Rochester, assisted his journey with his prayers. With the permission of the Holy See, he will shortly be Ordained to the Catholic Priesthood. Please keep him in your prayers as he continues his journey with the Lord.


The beautiful and the practical

Catholicism has the Incarnation at its very heart, one of the consequences of the Incarnation is that the material world around us has been given a raised dignity and honour as God, in Christ, took that materiality upon himself. We give expression to this understanding by seeking to enrich all aspects of our religion, and one of the ways in which we enrich them is by adding beauty. This is never more true than in the objects used for the celebration of Mass – at every Mass, that coming together of God and material is made present to us at the moment of transubstantiation. We therefore see that everything involved in the celebration of Mass should be made as beautiful as possible.


At the same time, there are all manner of practical things which are needed for Mass; for example cruets to hold wine and water to be poured into the chalice, linen towels to clean and dry, the books which contain the words which are needed. We also have ‘altar cards’, you may have noticed the arrival of three framed cards on the altar as we moved to use Divine Worship. These contain certain texts which the Priest says when he is away from the missal, or where turning to them in the missal would involve unnecessary faffing.


This very simple and practical idea, cards with certain texts on them, do not escape our desire to beautify the Mass and all of its accoutrements. So far we have been using some basic altar cards, produced quite simply on a computer. However, beginning this week, we can distinguish our Sunday and festal celebrations with a new set of hand-painted cards. These draw on celtic themes, particularly the Book of Kells, as means of enriching the texts. The words themselves are beautiful, and now they presented in a particularly beautiful manner.


It is positive a sign for our community that these beautiful objects have been produced by a member of that community. Thank you so much to Jos for designing and producing these cards; as well as to all who give of their talents to assist the beautification of our life and worship together.