Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

under the patronage of Saint John Henry Newman


Local Time

29/01/2022 2:08 am

Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

Darlington Mission

23rd January 2022 – Third Sunday after Epiphany

Group Pastor — Fr. Thomas Mason — — 01833 631457




Services this week:

Tuesday 25th, 10a.m., Gainford — Conversion of S. Paul Thursday 27th, 10a.m., Barnard Castle — S. Gregory of Narek

Friday 28th, 12noon, Gainford (Ordinariate — Divine Worship) — S. Thomas Aquinas

Friday 28th, 6p.m., Barnard Castle — Holy Hour


Fr. Thomas is available for confession, after most Masses, by appointment or at Barnard Castle on:

Mondays 5.30-6pm

Thursdays 5.30-6pm

Saturday 10-11am

Prayer List:

Of your charity please pray for all the sick, especially: Lacey Gill, Morag, George Gwilliam, Andrew Gwilliam, Fay Jackson, Sharon & Dennis Walburn, Elaine Robertson, and Peggy Allen.

As also for all the faithful departed, particularly the recently departed and those whose years-mind falls at this time. Victor Waddilove, Rebecca Berry, Derek Larner, Alan Doleman, Pamela Neil, Jim Cressey. Requiescant in pace.

St. Gregory of Narek

A new Saint for the calendar, having only been added to it by Pope Francis last year. But at the same time a very old Saint, as he lived c.950-1003. An Armenian monk and theologian, he wrote much mystical theology and his Book of Lamentations is frequently regarded as the high point of Armenian literature. As the Armenian Apostolic Church was separated from the Catholic Church he was not previously venerated as a Saint by Catholics (though he was by Armenians). More recently, as it was noted that he did not break away from the Catholic Church but rather was born into a situation not of his own making, then it isn’t appropriate to regard him as schismatic properly speaking. S. John Paul II spoke highly of his writings, and he is spoken of in the Catechism; Pope Francis recognised his sanctity by proclaiming him a doctor of the Church in 2015. May he pray for us all, and may his prayers assist the reunion of all Christians.

Lord’s Prayer:

As we work to enhance our music to enhance our liturgy, seeking to offer ever better worship to God, from today at the Sung Mass we will be singing the Lord’s Prayer. The setting for this is that from the Book of Common Prayer Noted by John Merbecke — first written in 1550 for the then new 1549 B.C.P.. it is a very simple chant tone which I’m sure that we will rapidly learn: